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Jellyfish is a cyber product that has been designed to integrate a heap of traditionally siloed security solutions – thereby making them more effective. This event is all about celebrating home grown innovation, join us to learn more about this exciting new product.

How Jellyfish Can Impact Your Organisation

Take Advantage of New Technology

The innovative technology in Jellyfish includes:

  • New devices and software
  • Developing encryption and security protocols
  • Enhanced support for new threat protection
  • Advances in cloud security protection
  • Enhanced authentication and identity solution

Improved Security

  • Seamless Secure Authentication
  • Manage all your credentials (such as password reset and multifactor auth) in one place
  • Monitoring
  • Enhanced Device Authentication Translation
  • Greater Dynamic context decisions
  • More effective Relationship management
  • Make sure those that no longer need access no longer have it
  • Improved transparency through monitoring, auditing and reporting of security incidents
  • Improved data
  • Systems are able to:
    • Share data across systems seamlessly
    • Leverage contextual information for dynamic decision making
    • Leverage relationships for better sharing and decision making

Improved Efficiencies

  • Automation of tasks such as provisioning and de-provisioning of apps, accounts etc.
  • Reduce admin burden
  • Enables cost reductions
  • Automate changes across your network
  • Self-service – Add and remove resources from a single point across multiple applications and services
  • Modular – Purchase what you need
  • Extend the life of existing systems without reducing capability
  • Replace backend systems anytime
  • Replace multiple systems with Jellyfish
  • Choose new solutions without affecting users

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