Certificate Management

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Digital Certificate Management

Digital certificates secure data and facilitate the authentication of users, mobile devices, computers, servers, and networking devices. Growth in the deployment and adoption of new business applications and corporate networks, has brought additional focus on the need for certificate and use credentials. Next generation solutions are required in order to address new challenges and threats caused by scale and complexity.
Certificate Management Capabilities
Cogito Group’s Jellyfish solution offers, as part of its Credential Management/Managed PKI Service, the ability to manage certificates issued from disparate Certificate Authorities.

Our capabilities to manage certificates include:

Jellyfish Certificate Authority Management

We manage certification from disparate Certificate Authorities (CAs) through a single pane of glass, and bring certificates under management that may not previously have been under management, for example certificates that were not issued by managed CAs.

One Time Passwords

Soft Certificates


Password Management

Hard Token Management

Microsoft Certification Authority
Active Directory Certificate Services Management
Manage Certificate Authorities
Industry Certificate Management
Certificate Authority Managementy
Digital Certificate Management
Automate Certificate Renewal
Prevent Outages