Credential Management

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Higher Levels of Security
than Tradtional Methods

Our Credential Management Systems are used to manage the association between an identity and their issued credentials.
They manage the lifecycle of trusted tokens such as smart cards and now provide capabilities for the management
of virtual smart cards and credentials delivered to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Smart Cards

Our smart cards ensure authentication, flexibility, digital security and confidentiality.

Card Management

Cogito Group currently offers a number of different CMS solutions meeting different needs and price points.

Card Management Systems

A Card Management System (CMS) manages the lifecycle of Smartcards – from issuance through to its retirement of use.

In a medium to large organisations it becomes difficult to manage credentials through traditional methods, as these methods do not address security and auditing requirements that usually come with a large scale deployment of smartcards. A CMS manages smartcard deployments in a secure and auditable manner, allowing the organisation to: Issue the card, personalise the card with authentication capability, and manage the card post-issuance from a central location.

Smart Cards

Smartcards are cards that have an embedded integrated circuit or microchip in them. They can be used to improve security when accessing information, locations or equipment.

Smartcards are a credit card sized card, with a chip in them that can be used to provide logical network access to computer systems, physical access to facilities and to secure and authenticate digital transactions.

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Smart Cards

Card Management Systems

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