Identity and Access Management

As the number of people, devices, services and connections continue to grow by the billions, our systems are no longer only on our physical premises. They are accessed by many devices any time, day or night from anywhere in the world.

Identity Management allows you to comprehensively and securely manage the complete identity lifecycle of people and services across all kinds of devices. 


The Jellyfish IdAM Solution

Our Identity and Access Management modules within Jellyfish provides strong authentication to ensure users and devices accessing your network are who they claim to be. Jellyfish oversees users, credentials, devices and access through collecting, managing and synchronising data.


Our IdAM systems provide the basis to collect identity information and attributes.


Identity information is managed within the system and across modules, which allows you to provision and deprovision for common applications.


Information is sychronised across disparate systems in to an integrated system.


Layers of Security With Just One Tool

Cogito Group’s Jellyfish is a complete and integrated cyber security platform, which:

  • Offers the cost benefits of a cloud service
  • Improves productivity of resources
  • Improves transparency through monitoring, auditing, reporting of security breaches
  • Highly scalable through a customised modular approach
  • Automated workflows
  • Reduced management efforts


Comprehensive and Agile

Jellyfish has the ability to support full IdAM capabilities and can also integrate with the following IdAM and SSO platforms:

Evolveum Midpoint

Oracle Identity Manager

SailPoint Identity IQ

LDAP Repositories (Including but not limited to: Microsoft Active Directory, ADAM and AD LDS)


ForgeRock Identity Platform and Access Management Platform