Junior Software Engineer, System Integrator, System Administrator and Developer

Canberra and Wellington Locations

As a junior software engineer/developer you will be involved in system level design, integration, verification and production of existing and new IT capability. You will assist with requirements analysis, technical studies, design tasks, systems integration and engineering support. You will work to tight deadlines and be responsible for the creation and review of technical documentation.

This position is a great opportunity for someone who has a keen interest in development of security and Identity Management and IT security with excellent coding skills. Knowledge of Operating Systems and other network infrastructure is an advantage. Onsite training is provided.

The successful candidate must be a self-starter, quick learner and have the ability to work independently. Being a hard worker with a strong work ethic you will be willing to work across all areas of development, integration and system administration. The successful candidate must also be able and willing to travel.

Junior Software Engineer/Developer or Software Engineer/Developer graduates and students in at least their 3rd year should apply. Other engineering disciplines with an interest in IT should also apply. Information Technology students with a keen interest in software development may be considered.

Specifically you will:

  • administer and support servers and desktops;
  • administer and support physical and virtual environments;
  • perform software development on existing systems for enhancements/maintenance;
  • perform software development of new systems;
  • research and evaluate products and services;
  • perform systems integration and testing;
  • install, upgrade and support open source and specialised commercial software packages;
  • support the configuration and administration of high and low bandwidth computing networks;
  • maintain user and system documentation; and
  • provide innovative solutions and high level support.


  • demonstrated ability and/or experience in administration of firewall and network equipment is highly desirable;
  • demonstrated ability and/or experience in administration of windows desktops and servers is desirable;
  • experience with administration and support of UNIX systems is desirable;
  • demonstrable proficiency in at least two different programming languages (low level, object-oriented, scripting, query based or functional). Experience with C is highly desirable;
  • experience in developing enterprise software is highly desirable (through prior work experience, personal projects or open source projects) is desirable;
  • strong aptitude and willingness to learn new skills with demonstrated initiative for solving problems is desirable;
  • excellent document writing skills is highly desirable;
  • excellent communication skills with the ability to interact positively and effectively both individually and as a member of a small team is desirable;
  • willingness and ability to travel is highly desirable; and
  • ability to obtain a high level security clearance (New Zealand or Australian citizenship essential).

Qualifications / Experience Requirements:

  • Previous developer, network, firewall or systems engineer experience not necessary but highly regarded.
  • Degree of Software Engineering/Computer Science or a related discipline or experience will be highly regarded.
  • Minimum 3rd year university student Software Engineer/Developer or other engineering discipline highly regarded.
  • New Zealand or Australian Citizenship is a mandatory requirement for this position

If you are interested in this position please email through your resume and cover letter to administration@cogitogroup.net