Product Brief | Encryption

Encrypt your virtual and cloud-based data centres with SafeNet ProtectV | SafeNet | May 15

ProtectV provides full disk encryption of virtual instances so you can securely migrate even your most sensitive and highly regulated data to the cloud or a virtual data center.

KeySecure | Gemalto SafeNet | April 15

Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure is the industry’s leading platform for the centralized management and security of encryption keys supporting a broad encryption ecosystem— encompassing Gemalto and third-party products—for the protection of sensitive data in databases, file servers  and storage, virtual workloads, and applications across traditional and virtualized data centers and public cloud environments.

ProtectApp | Gemalto SafeNet | June 15

As sophisticated threats emerge and the risk of data exposure grows, encryption is the critical last line of defense when other security measures fail. Application encryption has become essential as it protects data at the earliest stages of the information lifecycle which helps organizations minimize risk, strengthen security, and meet regulatory and compliance mandates.

ProtectDB | Gemalto SafeNet | May 15

Your organization’s most valuable data assets reside in databases and you can no longer rely solely on perimeter-based security to protect them from the devastating and lasting impact of a breach. With internal and external threats growing, encryption provides a critical last line of defense by applying protection directly to sensitive information residing in databases across today’s distributed enterprise

ProtectFile | SafeNet | May 15

Today, perimeter-based security defenses cannot adequately secure the growing volume of sensitive data residing on servers in physical, virtualized, and cloud-based storage environments.

StorageSecure | Gemalto SafeNet | April 15

Explosive growth in data, virtualization, and multi-tenancy, combined with increasingly sophisticated security breaches and more stringent government regulations, is creating new challenges for enterprise storage security.

Tokenization | Gemalto SafeNet

As the volume and value of your organization’s data continues to grow, you can no longer rely solely on perimeter-based security to protect it from the lasting impact of a breach. Tokenization replaces sensitive data with a unique token that is stored, processed, or transmitted in place of the clear data.

Virtual KeySecure | SafeNet | March 15

Organizations rely on encrypting their data as a primary means of protecting it from unauthorized use. An essential part of this process involves creating and managing encryption keys in multiple places, including small- and medium-sized installations and remote locations requiring encryption for data at rest.