Solution Brief | Crypto Management

Code Signing-HSM | SafeNet | March 15

Code signing employs PKI technologies such as keys, certificates, and digital signatures to ensure the identity and integrity of software.  Technology companies share and distribute code through networks with inconsistent and varying security policies, potentially exposing the code to manipulation, corruption or theft.

Secure-Manufacturing-HSM | Gemalto | April 15

The goal of implementing a secured manufacturing environment is to protect intellectual property (IP).  With a projected year over year increase in IT spend of 3.6%, companies are moving towards secured manufacturing environments in an effort to reduce manufacturing costs, improve supply chain efficiencies, and protect their IP.

Securing Sensitive Workloads in the AWS Cloud | SafeNet | Oct 13

When organisations are running business-critical applications or storing and accessing sensitive data, they often need rapid access to flexible and low-cost IT resources.  Cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide the agility, elasticity, capacity, and redundancy required to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.