System Integration

Cogito Group are system integrators and specialise in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring those subsystems function together. We focus on bridging the common operational gaps faced in the integration of digital security technology. Our solutions are designed to integrate multiple products and technologies to achieve your digital security goals.






Cogito Group’s reputational strength and delivery success comes from investing in its staff, through training and experience.


Cogito Group consultants have specialist knowledge in delivering:


  • synchronisation of disparate systems
  • specifications and protocol development for ICT solutions. They have consultants that have worked on and chaired a Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB) working group. Within this multinational forum of Government entities our staff were instrumental in the development of the standards and implementations that allowed granular access control over information which could be determined through the processing of multiple attributes such as nationality.
  • the most advanced boundary defence and inspection services available anywhere in the world today by providing this capability for use in high security environments.
  • securing of on- premises and off – premises cloud based services such as the securing from theft or alteration of files, databases and virtual machines


Service Integration


Cogito Group specialise in system integration and can assist organisations in synchronising disparate systems to ensure positive service take-up.