Data in Motion: Surveillance – Protect Your IP from Watching Eyes | Gemalto | April 15

It is a popular myth that ethernet is inherently secure. In reality fiber tapping is on the rise due to the high success rate of cyber criminals targeting data in motion.

Building a Crypto Foundation | SafeNet | January 15

Even if you are encrypting your data, you may still be at risk.  An attacker only needs to compromise one key in order to take down your entire security infrastructure. So how do you keep your keys safe?

Navigating the Cloud Webinar Series | SafeNet

Five videos available.

  • Making the Transition from On-Premise to On-Demand: Defining a Software Publisher’s Journey into the Cloud
  • Lucrative Software Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the Cloud
  • Find Success in SaaS: Navigating the Top 6 Business Challenges of Delivering Software as a Service
  • Adapting at Cloud Speed: Cloud-ready SaaS Licensing & Entitlement
  • Customer Usage & Insight with Forrester’s Holger Kisker