Whitepapers | Authentication

Addressing Gaps in Medical Device Security | SafeNet | March 15

In healthcare organizations today, medical devices are increasingly being targeted, and proving susceptible to attack. These medical devices can contain sensitive medical and payment information, and they can provide capabilities for monitoring and controlling patient health—so they represent vital assets. By establishing a secure code-signing infrastructure, medical device manufacturers can address a range of security gaps, and a significant market demand. This paper reveals why code signing is so vital today, and it offers insights for establishing a code-signing infrastructure that effectively secures medical devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication Current Usage and Trends | Gemalto | April 15

In this digital age, validating identities and controlling access is vital, which is why multi-factor authentication has become such a fundamental requirement in so many organisations. As security teams contend with cloud migrations, the influx of consumer devices, and other trends, the approaches, strategies, and plans for authentication will continue to evolve. This white paper draws on a large survey to provide a current picture of the authentication landscape in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and it offers insights into how this landscape is expected to change in the coming years

Next Generation Authentication | SafeNet | Nov 14

The three rules for protecting enterprise identities.  An introduction to SafeNet’s Next-Generation authentication Solutions.

Securing Data in Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Environments | SafeNet | March 15

Organizations around the world and of every type and size—from smaller start-ups to the Fortune 50, from local municipalities to the largest government agencies—are growing increasingly reliant upon virtualized data centers and cloud services. While the cost advantages and business agility afforded by these models are obvious, so too are the security ramifications.