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After The Breach – Executive Overview | SafeNet

A new world order for authentication and data protection.  Executive overview.

Best Practices in Identity Management | SafeNet | March 15

What to consider when selecting a PKI security solution.

Charting Your Path to Enterprise Key Management | SafeNet

The increasingly prevalent use of data protection mechanisms in today’s enterprises has posed significant implications. One of the most profound challenges relates to key management, and its associated complexity and cost. Written for business leadership and security architects, this paper looks at the past, present, and future of key management, revealing how emerging trends and approaches will ultimately enable enterprises to optimize both efficiency and security in the management of key materials.

Importance of Key Management for Storage Security | Gemalto | April 15

Over the last few years, as the requirements for data confidentiality and privacy have been magnified, encryption of stored data in the enterprise has become a much more compelling value proposition. In turn, many discrete storage encryption solutions, along with their customized key management systems, have been, and continue to be, implemented.

Managing at Cloud Speed | SafeNet & Saugatuck | Oct 10

What ISVs Need to Know and Change In Moving to The Cloud