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Benefits of Migrating to StorageSecure | SafeNet | April 15

In 2011, NetApp announced the end of availability of NetApp DataFort systems. As a result, DataFort customers will have some choices to make as to how they move forward. Written for existing DataFort customers, this paper offers an overview of the migration options available, and it provides details on the benefits of one alternative, Gemalto SafeNet StorageSecure. Finally, the paper provides some guidance for organizations as they make this transition, offering insights for making the most of the move

Encryption in NAS Environments |  SafeNet | April 15

The very attributes that make network-attached storage environments invaluable to enterprises—their accessibility, centralization of assets, and flexibility—also make them valuable targets to malicious insiders and external criminals, and susceptible to accidental exposure. This paper details why encryption is vital in NAS environments that house sensitive assets, and offers some key considerations for picking the right NAS encryption platform.

Leveraging Encryption to Secure Data in Storage | SafeNet | April 15

To better safeguard their sensitive data, organizations are increasingly looking to leverage encryption. How pervasive has encryption of assets in storage become, and how are organizations approaching their storage encryption initiatives? To provide a current look at storage encryption deployments in organizations today, Gemalto undertook an extensive survey of IT executives in North America and EMEA. This paper provides an in-depth look at the survey findings.

Own and Manage Your Encryption Keys | SafeNet | March 15

For business leaders and IT administrators responsible for the security of enterprise data—from the most basic customer statistics to top-secret company documents—understanding the role of encryption and the management of encryption keys plays is vital to keeping confidential data just that— confidential. And, for enterprises that entrust their company’s data to cloud storage, it is essential that they understand the available options for safeguarding this protected data—even if it’s being managed in the cloud by a third-party vendor. This white paper discusses the importance of data encryption, the vulnerabilities of third-party encryption, the necessity of encryption key ownership, and how all of it affects the security of your company’s data stored in the cloud.

ProtectV Enabling Compliance | SafeNet | April 15

For many organizations, security and compliance questions have curtailed the adoption of cloud services and virtual computing models. With Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV, customers can begin to more fully exploit the advantages of virtualization and the cloud—while at the same time ensuring compliance with relevant security policies and regulatory mandates.

Real Risks in a Virtual World | SafeNet | March 15

Today’s data resides in a virtualized world, but the risks are all too real, and, in many organizations, too frequently realized. This paper examines the fundamental security implications of cloud services and virtualization, and it details an approach organizations can take to safeguard sensitive assets in a way that is aligned with today’s dynamic environments.

Secure Data from Unauthorized Access with Encryption Solutions from NetApp and Gemalto | Gemalto | March 15

The ability to protect and store critical data is a major focus for today’s organizations. In order to guard against advanced threats in a complex and evolving climate of virtualization, cloud services, and mobility, organizations must increasingly take a data-centric approach to safeguarding their sensitive information.

Securely Virtualizing Business Critical Apps | SafeNet | March 15

Deployed in virtually every large enterprise, virtualization technologies are now ubiquitous—but there are still a number of untapped opportunities that organizations can exploit by expanding their virtualization deployments. Often, it is security and regulatory compliance concerns that have inhibited more widespread usage of virtualization technologies. This paper examines how solutions from VMware and Gemalto enable enterprises to virtualize the infrastructure that houses the most business-critical and sensitive applications and assets.

Securing File Data Storage: encryption alternatices and best practices | SafeNet

For security teams looking to secure file data in storage, there are a plethora of choices available, and each has its specific set of strengths and limitations. This paper offers a comprehensive look at the choices available, outlines the key criteria to consider in evaluating these options, and delivers some best practices that security teams can apply to help ensure their specific encryption deployments meet primary objectives.