Whitepapers | Identity and Access Management

Achieving scalable access control & privacy protection with User-Managed Access | ForgeRock | May 15

As part of ForgeRock’s implementation of the User-Managed Access specification, this paper outlines some of the benefits of implementing UMA. UMA is a profile of OAuth that offers standardized, modern Web APIs, resolving many issues in authorization, privacy, and consented sharing. Most important, UMA facilitates optimum user control, a key requirement in privacy protection. Learn how UMA can help your business.

ESG Lab validation report: ForgeRock Identity Platform | ForgeRock | April 15

This ESG Lab report documents the hands-on testing of the ForgeRock Identity Platform with a focus on ease and speed of deployment. It concludes that “ESG Lab believes that ForgeRock can be a powerful solution not only for businesses with traditional internal identity access management needs, but also for organizations that need to leverage identity as a tool to strengthen customer relationships.”

ForgeRock Open Identity stack | ForgeRock | March 14

Forging a New Future with Identity Relationship Management

Forrester: Customer-focused organisations must take a strategic approach | ForgeRock | June 14

Customer-focused companies strive to make their content available to an ever-growing number of connected users and devices on a much larger scale than ever before. Forrester finds that to achieve this securely, companies need identity and access management (IAM) platforms that are adaptable, scalable, responsive, and high velocity. Fortunately, a new consumer-facing solution is gaining currency and has earned a name unto itself: Identity Relationship Management.

Identity as a revenue generator: Getting started with customer-focused identity | ForgeRock | October 14

Identity is a fundamental requirement to digital growth. Businesses and organizations cannot properly take advantage of mobile, cloud, or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies without a scalable and repeatable identity strategy. Without it, they have no way to identify and engage with their customers in a meaningful way — whether it be through a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, connected car, healthcare wearable, connected home device or the next great connected innovation. This guide is designed to help you understand the essentials of customer-focused identity and how it helps you engage with your customers.

Identity is Everything | SailPoint | 2016

It seems as if it’s every other day that we hear of a data breach. But consider the fact that we hear mostly of the big-name companies – or in the case of Ashley Madison, controversial ones. Imagine just how many we don’t hear about. In fact, it’s estimated that there are not only a few data breaches every week, but instead there are, on average, more than 4 breaches per day. With both small- and large-name companies in the list of those exposed, it’s an undeniable fact that no company is safe.

National Identity Schemes | Gemalto | January 16

The digital revolution is impacting all sectors of society. The most visible change is the growing multi-channel access to online services, whether via the internet or mobile applications. As our lives shift towards the digital space, most countries are finding it important to maintain continuity in the way society is organized, improve economic circuits and mechanisms and develop services to citizens.

The Identity of Things (IDoT) | ForgeRock | May 15

This whitepaper outlines ForgeRocks view of the Access Management (IAM) Reference Architecture for the Internet Of Things (IoT).

The identity of things: Privacy and security concerns | ForgeRock | March 15

The “identity of things” is fast becoming a critical component of the modern web. While this can bring significant benefits in form of personalized content and customized environmental and manufacturing settings, it also brings several concerns regarding data privacy, security, and control. Published in Information Systems Security Association Journal, Volume 13, Issue 3

Sun IAM replacement The Circle of Life: Protecting Your Sun IAM Investment with ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack (formerly Sun Open Source IAM) | ForgeRock | March 14

The Circle of Life: Protecting Your Sun IAM Investment with ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack (formerly Sun Open Source IAM)

Tech brief: Upgrading from SunIAM to ForgeRock Open Identity stack | ForgeRock | March 14

Understanding the technical benefits of upgrading from the Sun IAM products to the ForgeRock OIS, an open source IAM platform based on the original Sun IAM products